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Empower Genomics™ believes in harnessing the power of knowledge through advanced genomics testing.

We offer a variety of tests to assist individuals with reaching their optimal health. From Pharmacogenomics (PGx), Cannabis DNA, Nutrition DNA, and Fitness DNA, Empower Genomics provides testing, analysis, and reporting with a tailored approach for complete health and wellness based on a person’s unique structure.


Pharmacogenomics, or PGx testing, is a specialized field of research that provides deep analysis into how a person’s unique genes respond to specific medications. The Pharmacogenomics Test presents a prime opportunity to empower individuals and their providers by delivering unique information to reach their medication management goals.


The Cannabis DNA Test by Empower Genomics determines how an individual metabolizes and responds to consuming specific strains of cannabis. The test also reveals 13 genetic traits that can prove useful in understanding THC and CBD response.


This dynamic test reveals 43 unique genetic traits related to diet, eating behaviors, nutritional needs, and more. The Nutrition/Diet DNA Test delivers ideal food options for individuals.


The Exercise/Fitness DNA Test is engineered to provide unfiltered access to how your body responds to physical exercise. This test identifies 31 genetic traits that are essential to fitness.

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