Harnessing the power of precision medicine through advanced technology.

Empower Genomics is a member of the official California COVID-19 Testing Task Force Lab List, part of a larger statewide effort to increase California’s COVID-19 testing capacity, led by the Department of Public Health.

At its core, genomics testing is used for creating visibility to gene alterations in the genetic code and for identifying genetic markers associated with the characteristic of a disease or specific health condition. Genomics data analysis aids healthcare practitioners, researchers, and individuals alike with identifying ways to tailor a complete, holistic approach to health and wellness based on a person’s unique structure.

Using secure and confidential processes, Empower Genomics tests reveal an individual’s genetic factors that can impact their overall health. These results include allergies and adverse reactions to medications and nutraceuticals, as well as metabolic factors associated with nutrition and fitness. Empower Genomics also offers a custom-labeled suite of test kits for healthcare practitioners.

Certified Testing and Results.

All testing is conducted in-house at our state-of-the-art CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory. Additionally, Empower Genomics holds itself to the highest of molecular testing lab standards to ensure that all DNA and data is kept safe and secure at all times.

Personalizing total wellness through advanced testing.

Precision medicine considers an individual’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle to select treatment that may suit them best. Precision medicine optimizes efficiencies and benefits especially with use of genetic or molecular profiles.

Empower Genomics is a powerful, practical resource for healthcare practitioners, researchers, and individuals to test and analyze a person’s body structure – on a molecular level – securely and confidentially.

Empower Genomics’ test analysis provides a better understanding of the body’s nervous system and reactions to different variants of medications, nutraceuticals, and foods. These tests also reveal food sensitivity and allergies, metabolic health factors, vitamin deficiencies, factors for fitness, and more.